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Our Response to COVID-19 Update
Current Situation and Improved Hygienic Rules
First of all:
The spreading of the Covid-19 virus seems not to be stopped and the regional infection rate increases again to an actual incidence of 567 per 100k inhabitants within the past 7 days.
Although all Medicopex staff are triple vaccinated already we keep on to strictly follow German Govt. guide lines and do additional tests of the entire team twice a week.
We are thankful that all our staff are healthy and no COVID-19 infection has been detected in our company so far!
Our improved Hygienic Rules are helping us to stay safe in our company and also protect our community.
Although infection rates are dropping we stay absolutely alerted and follow all hygenic precautions!
Our regular office hours remain Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm (CET)
How do we protect our Clients and our Staff against the Coronavirus?
Although infection numbers are unfortuntely again rising we all at Medicopex GmbH take the virus threat absolutely serious and are very cautious.
To remain operational and also reduce the risk of an infection with the COVID-19 / Coronavirus, we will keep up with our additional hygenic processes which we hereby inform you about:
- We all keep on following the guidelines of increased hygienic level
- Keeping distance to all other individuals (min. 1.5m or 5ft.)
- Visitors have to wear a protection mask
- Repeated hand washing and additional disinfection
- Avoiding hand shakes
- Breaks at the desk/workplace only - no groups permitted
- Coughing and sneezing into a tissue or the crook of individual's arm
- Permanent use of protection masks, gloves for all technical processes
All our products are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before packing / shipping.
All exposed components (e.g. patient tables, gantries, keyboards/mouses, handles etc.) are separately cleaned and disinfected.
What about Scheduled Projects?
All projects will be performed as per schedule.
Additionally all projects and dates will be reconfirmed 2 days before starting the delivery or pick-up.
In case customers prefer to avoid any personal contacts with our staff Medicopex can also arrange for example a non-contact hand-over/pick-up from our facility.
How to Go On?
Whenever there will be further major modifications or adaptions in our processes, information can be found here.
Of course we are available by phone and email and get back to you as soon as possible.
We are very thankful and appreciate that you remain faithful to us during these challenging times.
Special thanks to our valued customers who purchased our products in the past months and performed all transactions as per schedule although their business lives are affected during this hard time as well ...
Stay safe - together we will make it!
Florian Dickopp, CEO

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