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COVID-19 - Final Update
COVID Pandemic ends - Medicopex COVID-Update ends Feb. 28.
First of all:
Accompanied by a low hospitalisation rate also the number of COVID-19 infected patients is decreasing.
After 61 editions in 2.5 years Medicopex GmbH has decided to end its "COVID-Update" which was released twice a month during the pandemic and filled with information about internal actions as well as regional incidence rates.
A huge "Thank You" is going to the Medicopex staff who had to accept many restrictions in work life and additionally were always concerned about their families and friends health.
Most important for us also is the fact that without our loyal customers, friends and partners it would not have been possible for us to manage through this difficult and challenging period which lays behind.
Unfortunately multiple vaccinations and a frequently adapted hygenic concept did not prevent us from COVID infections.
Now, after all, we are very glad that this threat seems to be stopped and a normal togetherness is again possible.
Thank you all for being caucious, trustful, loyal and patient!
Florian Dickopp, CEO

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