Medicopex - Aktuelles
Florian Dickopp Reelected as FRD e.V. President
Florian Dickopp, Geschäftsführer der Medicopex GmbH
Taken from DOTmed
At the annual convention held near Hannover, Germany, DOTmed certified Florian Dickopp, Director of Medicopex GmbH, Germany, has been reelected as President of the FRD e.V., Germany's important association of manufacturers, dealers, service, and consulting companies in the X-ray field. Members of the FRD are f.e. Dunlee, Pehamed, PTW, Scanditronix-Wellhoefer, Swissray, TUV, Unfors, Vacutec, Varian.
"We are very glad about this repeated proof of trust. This enables our association to keep on working steadily and represent our members' common economical and technical interests [before] government and public authorities," Florian Dickopp said after the three-day convention held in May 2007.

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