Medicopex - FAQ
Where are our Systems originating from?
All our systems are coming from German hospitals, private clinics and practises.
They were under service contract by their OEMs/manufacturers which ensures their technical perfect condition (because clinics and owners do not accept down times of their equipment during their scheduled routine).

How about the Balance Payment?
The balance payment is required only before pick-up from our facility.
Please make sure that the final payment arrives in time to avoid delays.
Unfortunately our crating partner allows only two weeks of free storage after packing and so the equipment must be picked up within this time frame to avoid additional storage fees.

Pick-up and Shipping?
Usually our systems are offered EXW our facility near Nuremberg, Germany.
As all used CT/MRI equipment is very sensitive for long distance transportation by truck as well as overseas shipping we recommend professional packing, sealing into heavy foils with dehumidifier and professional crating into wooden boxes.
If you wish to have the system forwarded to your preferred city, we also offer complete services, f.e. airfreight or shipping with our experienced forwarders.
Nevertheless most Buyers prefer to have the equipment fully packed and professionally crated into wooden boxes and then pick-up the system with their own forwarder which often helps to significantly reduce shipping cost.

How about Warranty on Equipment?
Our systems are mostly purchased by CT/MRI engineering companies who are as familiar with the certain type of CT/MRI system as we are.
So in order to keep prices in an acceptable range our systems are coming without any warranties.
As we are fully aware that this might cause you some headache please note that we are in the industry for more than 30 years and have so far sold more than 620 scanners which ensures our professionalism and dedication to serve you at highest grade and quality.

How will the quality of used systems be guaranteed?
Prior to trade-in all equipment is inspected and thoroughly tested.
Special procedures before and during deinstallation ensure full working systems according to manufacturers' specifications.
In addition the image quality is always checked by phantom scans and most up-to-date DICOM images are available for easy download from our cloud.
Any system which is not fully working according to its manfacturer's specifications at date of deinstallation will be refused by our engineers.

How about Deinstallation and Site Removal?
Deinstallations are generally performed by our trained and experienced engineers.
So no other than our staff only work on the system and its components.
For rigging of the equipment out its originating site we use professional lifting and mobility devices only.
Forwarding to our facility is done with air ridden/suspended and heated trucks only.

Reservation of Equipment?
The reservation of any equipment can easily be made with a 30% down payment.
As soon as the down payment arrives at one of our accounts the system is not anymore offered to other parties and we will confirm the system to be reserved for you.
In case a down payment from another buyer/party arrives at our bank earlier, your payment will be returned to you directly for sure.

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