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Medicopex GmbH...

.... is one of Europe's most acknowledged specialist for engineering, sales and spare part supplies of pre-owned computer tomography scanners (CT/CAT scanners) and magnetic resonance systems (MRI).
With an experience of more than 25 years 690 CT and 117 MRI projects have been processed so far.

Based in Europe's Medical Valley and the Siemens Healthineers HQ being just 9 kilometers away from our facility our engineering background and used parts supply service was originally based on the CT series Siemens SOMATOM and the MRI MAGNETOM family which are produced just 17 kilometers away from our facility.
Today we are in the position to offer equipment and engineering services of all major brands like GE, Philips, Siemens and Canon/Toshiba.

All our used equipment is coming from private clinics and hospitals in Germany exclusively and was under OEM service contract until deinstallation.
To ensure that every system, component or used spare part is working perfectly, we do only trade-in what is fully working according to manufacturers' specification at date of deinstallation. Any untested equipment is generally not offered unless it has successfully passed our designated and frequently improved 3-step Quality Assurance Program.
Whenever possible we recommend interested customers or their engineers to visit the equipment at its originating site in Germany and have it inspected under routine.
Furthermore interested parties are welcome to assist the deinstallation in order to witness the system's image quality and our workmanship during the dismantling.
All equipment is professionally deinstalled by factory educated and experienced engineers who have been working with us for many years and who have proven their ability to work on these sensitive and complex systems.

After professional deinstallation all systems are forwarded to our facility in Nuremberg, Germany for a final revision and our sensitive pre-packing service.
Other options like complete cleaning of the equipment, conservation under use of dehumidifiers (f.e. Silica Gel) as well as professional packing into wooden crates or boxes according to German DIN for transportation by truck or to overseas destinations are available.

Medicopex GmbH measures themselves against the highest standards for customer satisfaction and remanufacturing quality.
Our staff knows that Customers don't buy and install an imaging system every day, so we all work hard to be there for you and deliver used imaging system at best grade.
So after these many years in the industry we are thankful to our customers who often repeatedly trusted us and appreciate our dedication to what we do!
We are glad to Serve You!
Medicopex GmbH i.L.
Schlossgasse 1
90522 Oberasbach
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